Dog ownership doesn’t go unrewarded—your dog thanks you with loyal companionship and plenty of puppy love. If you want to provide your precious pooch with an extra reward for constant good behavior, consider giving them treatment worthy of society’s upper crust. Learn how to give your dog a taste of luxury and you’ll keep your pup’s tail wagging for many years to come.

Prepare a Delicious Home-Cooked Meal

If you typically stick to feeding your dog kibble or canned wet food, a special dinner prepared by the humans they love will make them the happiest dog in the world. You can craft many meals with little more than the leftovers or scraps from meals you’d make for yourself or your family. Find a recipe that fits into the weekly meal plan and provide your dog with a luxurious homemade meal.

You can also stockpile extra food for a few days’ worth of meals or even make your own doggy biscuits to use as treats. Whichever recipes you decide to use, make sure they don’t contain any foods that hurt dogs, like grapes, chocolate, or garlic. Dogs only need simple food preparation and basic ingredients, even for their favorite meals.

Give Your Dog a Stay at a Resort

Just like how you might want a vacation from time to time, your dog benefits from a stay at a dog hotel or resort. A doggy resort or boarding service helps your dog make friends in a safe, supervised environment while you take time for yourself. Some dog hotels even provide your puppy with grooming and dog salon services if you want your pooch to come home feeling super soft and with trimmed nails.

It’s easy to provide your dog with a stay at a dog hotel when you’re taking a vacation of your own. This is the best way to give your dog a taste of luxury, and it’s also a place that can take care of your puppy while you’re out of the house. High-quality boarding services are multifaceted, and your pup is sure to enjoy a stay.