With Spring break around the corner, you may be considering a last-minute trip somewhere with your family and friends. Whether you are looking to get away for an entire week, or just a few days, planning a Spring break trip can become stressful and extremely costly. The good news is that there are several ways that you can stay organized and budget-friendly when it comes to a Spring break trip.

We have pulled together some ways that you can plan a Spring break trip that is cost effective and super fun: 

Spring Break in the ocean

1 – Know your budget.

First, it is important to know what your Spring break budget is, along with the budget of those that will be joining you on the trip.

When you are aligning on a budget that makes sense for everyone involved, be sure to consider transportation, accommodations, any activities that you would like to take part in on your trip, food, and drink, as well as some extra spending money in case you come across any momentums that you would like to purchase to take home.

It is always smart to have a little cushion in your budget as well in case any last-minute plans come up while you are away, and of course in case there is any sort of emergency.

Your budget will help to determine how long you are able to go away for, where you are able to go, and what you will be able to do while you are on your trip.

2 – Book early.

The earlier you book, the better. This goes for every aspect of your trip, especially including transportation as well as accommodations. You will find that the earlier you are able to lock the plans in, the cheaper your flight or train will be, and the cheaper your hotel room or Airbnb will be as well.

Booking earlier is also a great way to stay organized and will help you to plan ahead of time and fully align on your itinerary ahead of the trip. 

3 – Consider travel insurance. 

You never know what might come up before you leave for your trip, so it is always smart to consider purchasing travel insurance when you are booking. Travel insurance will ensure that you are able to get money back if you are unable to make it to your destination.

Some travel insurance can even kick in due to inclement weather. If you are spending a good amount of money on your trip, then travel insurance is totally worth it. 

4 – Choose a destination everyone will love. 

Make sure that you are picking a destination that makes sense for everyone, and that everyone will enjoy. While you may be tempted by the typical destinations that are popular on social media, try to think outside of the box and consider places that will truly pique everyone’s interest.

Ultimately, your destination will totally depend on what kind of vibe you and your group are going for, and how adventurous everyone is looking to be!

5 – Check out any travel deals going on. 

There are tons of great travel deals if you take the time to research them, so make sure that you carve out a little bit of time to check out any that you might be able to take advantage of. For example, a lot of different hotels will offer promotions such as inclusive packages or other ways to save.

Be sure to look around before officially clicking “book” to make sure that you are not missing out on any opportunities to save some money!

6 – Keep food and drinks in your hotel room. 

When you are away, you will want to explore all the hottest restaurants and bars that are around. Try to keep some food and drink in your hotel room so that you do not feel obligated to go out to eat for every meal of the day. This is also a smart idea in case you are looking for a snack while hanging out at the hotel!