Getting yourself prepared for an international trip is extremely exciting! There is a lot that goes into planning for an international trip, such as making sure that your passport is up to date, converting any U.S. dollars if necessary, making sure you have the correct power adapters, and of course, planning all your outfits and the itinerary!

Traveling internationally can be daunting for those who have not done it before, especially when it comes to packing and making sure that you are staying organized and not forgetting anything important. We have pulled together some awesome tips that you can use for packing your suitcase, whether you are packing a carry-on, a piece of luggage that you are planning on checking, or both!

International trip at the airport

Here are our top tips to help you pack for an international trip:

1 – Make a packing list.

First thing is first – make that packing list! By making a list, you can ensure that you are not going to forget anything that you will need. Every time you pack an item away, be sure to cross it off the list so that you are staying organized and are remembering what you have already packed and what still needs to be added into the suitcase. Make sure to crosscheck your list before you leave!

2 – Use packing cubes.

If you do not have packing cubes already, then make sure to purchase ahead of your trip. Packing cubes will help to keep you organized and make sure that everything is in one place. You can assign a cube to each type of item being packed away, whether it is bathing suits, socks and underwear, accessories, and more!

3 – Use shower caps for your shoes.

If you do not have enough shoe bags for the shoes that you will be bringing, purchase some shower caps in bulk to pack your shoes in. This way, once you wear the shoes, you do not have to worry about them getting any of your clothing or other items that are packed in the suitcase dirty.

4 – Choose fabrics that do not wrinkle.

When it comes to outfits, unless you are planning on having the time to iron or steam, make sure that you are choosing pieces of clothing that do not wrinkle and that pack well and easily. This will make it so much easier for you to quickly change into an outfit if you are on-the-go, instead of having to worry about all the wrinkles!

5 – Bundle your outfits.

Roll things up together! Instead of folding each shirt individually, roll them all into one so they are all together and ultimately saving space in your suitcase. This is a great structured way to pack your clothing!

6 – Choose a color scheme.

We love a good color scheme on a vacation! When you are planning your outfits, it can help if you are tight on space to plan a color scheme of all the clothing you are going to pack, that way you are able to mix and match easily in case you want to switch up an outfit last minute.

7 – Use Apple® AirTags.

This is a must for international traveling! Place an Apple® AirTag on each of your pieces of luggage so that you are able to track them in case they get lost in an airport. This will help to reduce your stress so you can keep an eye on where your items are while they are in transit!
While there is a lot of planning that goes into an international trip, it will be totally worth it once you arrive! Plus, packing for the trip of the lifetime is beyond exciting! Happy travels!