Driving around can be a lot of fun, and it’s often the best mode of transportation for getting around. However, it can really hurt the environment and your wallet. Luckily, there are other options you can try if you want to avoid purchasing your own car. These are some vehicle alternatives you can learn to drive instead of cars.


Now, a bike is probably the most stock standard answer you could get to this question. However, that only proves that it is really worth your time. A bike is a two-wheeled vehicle, usually only meant to carry one person at a time. The rider must use the pedals to produce forward movement while keeping their balance during the drive. Bikes are great for traveling around a city and have been in use for many years, meaning that a lot of places are capable of accommodating bicycles. They also have countless modifications, so you can personalize your bike to meet your needs.


Skateboards are a good form of transport for anyone who just needs to make a short trip now and then. Since it’s a small board placed on four small wheels, skateboards can navigate through narrow spaces and crowded areas at high speeds with no problems. They do, however, require quite a bit of practice to get the hang of—you have to push the board around to get it to move. Despite this, they are great forms of alternative travel, especially for fun, short trips.

Personal Electric Vehicles

Personal electric vehicle is a category of smaller vehicles that are powered by electricity. There is a variety of electric vehicles, some of which include the e-bike, hoverboard, Segway, and electric unicycle. Each one suits different needs, so everyone can find one to meet their needs. Altogether, they take significantly less energy to drive than a bike or skateboard due to their electric motors. The great thing about these vehicles is they do not leave a large impact on the environment while getting you where you need to go. Since they are so small, they can even fit into many places a car cannot.

These are just a few of the vehicle alternatives that you can learn to drive instead of cars. There are plenty of other options and don’t forget—you can always just walk.