Movie stars put the Dominican Republic in the world spotlight!


What do J-Lo, Cardy B, Vin Diesel, Lenny Kravitz, Mark Wahlberg, Sylvester Stallone, and Sandra Bullock all have in common besides being A-list movies Stars? Answer: The love for the Dominican Republic.


The Dominican Republic is well and truly in the world spotlight – thanks to top movie stars who are shooting films, vacationing here, and no doubt checking out our luxury property!


Undoubtedly it is not hard to fall in love with the incredible tropical beauty, luxury living, and miles of perfect beachline in the Dominican Republic.


Whether they are filming for a new movie or spending time on holiday, they have fallen in love with the Dominican Republic!


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Director of Business Development, Barbara Warren, is excited by the amount of attention the Dominican Republic is receiving from some of our biggest stars. “The world’s biggest movie and music stars are so impressed with the Dominican Republic that they are holidaying, filming, buying property, and staying here. The world is coming to the Dominican Republic and putting us on the marquee!”


Not to mention, many of the top celebrities enjoying life in the Dominican Republic are filming new movies thanks to the Dominican Republic’s film law. This law offers a freely transferable tax credit of 25% based on a minimum investment of $500,000 on qualified international productions in the country.


Jennifer Lopez and Lenny Kravitz

J-Lo is starring in a new romantic comedy, Shotgun Wedding, filming in the Dominican Republic. Starring alongside singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz, the two are making the most of their downtime on the island. J-Lo has taken to Instagram to celebrate the beautiful DR sunshine paradise. DR is a favorite vacation spot for J-Lo, who has taken several trips here in the last few years.


Cardi B


Thanks to having a father from the Dominican Republic. The American rapper Cardi B has always had a close connection with the country. The Grammy Award-winner has spent time in the DR to visit family, most recently for her grandmother’s 80th birthday. In the music video for her song, ‘I Like It’ features… Cardi B paying homage to her Dominican roots. She has promised to return to the Dominican when the COVID pandemic is over.


Vin Diesel

The infamous filmmaker and star of the Fast and the Furious have very close ties with the Dominican. After filming xXx: The Return of Xander Cage and sections of the Fast and the Furious on the island. Diesel built a lasting relationship with DR and is proud of it. Furthermore, in 2019 the movie star took to social media. Saying, “Never let anyone tell you that the people of the Dominican Republic are not magical, wonderful people. I love that country and I will always love it.”


Mark Wahlberg


Mark is in the Dominican Republic shooting for a new film called Arthur the King. Not to mention it is inspired by a true story. A Swedish endurance runner and his dog. The Transformers star is starring alongside Marvel’s Simu Liu. Additionally, the DR is being used as a sport for shooting to recreate the Amazon Rainforest. As a result, Mark took to his Instagram account to post a video spending time laughing with a group of Dominicans. Which lead to buying a home in the Dominican Republic.


Although, these celebrities are not the only major names to spend time visiting the island. Whereas, film director Robert Redford, music stars Drake and Mariah Carey, and politicians Bill & Hillary Clinton have all spent time enjoying the Dominican Republic.


As a result, the Dominican Republic drew in around $80 million in 2020 through production revenues. Hence hosting 28 film and tv shoots, including eight international productions. This was almost three times the previous high of $30 million in 2017.


This significant rise is no coincidence. In 2018, the government introduced the film law. Allowing a 25% transferable tax credit to local spending on international tv and film production in the Dominican Republic. They also significantly reduced withholding tax, retention applied to all foreign hires that receive any workers compensation. Through the Dominican Republic from 27% to 1.5%.


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