In its most basic definition, a mirror is a reflective object. However, the way we think of them and use them is a bit more elaborate. Mirrors are often a metal amalgam coating on glass cutouts. They create a clear reflection of the images and objects around them. Knowing the benefits of mirrors in the home may prompt you to spend a bit more time appreciating them.


The obvious use for a mirror is to be able to look at your reflection. Consider what it might be like not to know what you look like before leaving the house. Many of us take mirrors for granted—they’re just there, ready to tell us if we have any blemish, food caught in our teeth, or spots on our clothes.


Many companies use mirrors in corners or blind spots in their commercial buildings to increase visibility in those hard-to-see areas. Cars use mirrors similarly. Have you ever considered applying these same applications inside your own home? Especially when we live alone, safety is a top priority, and our worries can get the best of us.

One odd creak or cast shadow can send a chill down the spine. Adding a variety of reflective surfaces in your home—in a subtle, decorative fashion—can keep you safer. Those areas that are difficult to check may become a lot easier with the right mirror placement.


When you use them strategically in decorations, mirrors can also create the illusion of more space in a home. Not only do they reflect light to illuminate a room better, but they also give the illusion that it’s deeper than it is. Knowing how to make your room look bigger may be simpler than you thought.

A perfectly placed tall mirror in the corner of a room can make that angle disappear. Think of stores and restaurants you’ve seen that had a wall covered in reflective material. How close did you get before almost walking directly into it—even with your own reflection present?

We often overlook many of the benefits of mirrors in the home. These objects are incredibly versatile and, on many occasions, we only scratch the surface on their usefulness in home decorating. As you venture into the world, note the ways you see mirrors used in different places and the ways they make life easier.