A tennis court in your own backyard doesn’t have to stay a dream. Many players take on this construction project to give themselves around-the-clock access to a sport they love. That said, owning your own tennis court isn’t without complications. Here are a few things to consider before building a home tennis court.

Your Homeowner’s Association May Want a Say

If your home is part of a homeowner’s association or HOA, your vision for a home tennis court might require some discussion. Regulations that pertain to the heights of fences or noise levels can impact your ability to create and use a tennis court in your backyard. Read your organization’s rules and then consider reaching out to the HOA to discuss your plans.

You Have Some Design Flexibility

Luckily for homeowners working to achieve a specific backyard aesthetic, home tennis courts come with some design flexibility. From the court material to the fences, the court style you create is up to you. Some players even forgo the solid surface court for a grass alternative. This allows the net, posts, and fencing to blend into your yard. While high-quality equipment is important for durability’s sake, style can influence your construction decisions and lead to a court that’s entirely your own.

Still, it’s important to include the essentials. While the type of fencing and windscreen you choose is up to you, fences help protect your property (and your neighbors) from the ball. You also want to include court lines and a net that meet regulations. This will help so that your gameplay at home doesn’t differ too much from gameplay elsewhere.

You Need To Factor in Regular Repairs

Unfortunately, no home tennis court stays perfect forever. Regular use necessitates regular repairs, as do weather conditions and standard aging. Scheduling repairs to fix problems early helps you avoid more severe problems from appearing. Cracks, bumps, and blocked drainage all lead to bigger problems. It can keep you off of the court much longer than the time it takes to make small repairs.

While there are plenty of things to consider before building a home tennis court, avid players certainly won’t regret bringing their favorite activity right into their backyard. All-day access to a private court leads to worry-free practice, unlike the club and recreational center reservations you might need otherwise. As a bonus, constructing a backyard tennis court can even add value to your property!