As humans, we all crave the comfort of a cozy, functional, and well-designed home. Sometimes, our lackluster living spaces need a little extra oomph, especially during this time of year. There’s something particularly special about springtime that creates an innate longing to switch up our interiors.

As nature blooms outside the walls and the world comes back to life again, we as humans desire to usher in the season with an interior design revival. If you need a few ideas, here’s how to refresh the interior of your home for spring.

Stick To the Basics: Walls and Lighting

You can keep your refresh simple by splashing fresh coats of paint on the wall or adding proper lighting to bring a room back to life. After a dull, dark winter, you’ll love walking into a brightly lit space that is open, airy, and welcoming.

You can switch out an old lamp for a colorful new one or modernize ceiling fixtures with fresh masterpieces available on the market. Keep in mind that lighting is more than a mere function—it’s entirely a statement. No matter what style best fits your living space, you’ll surely encounter budding inspiration that will blend well with your current décor.

Botanicals: Decorate With Live Greenery

If you’re not sure how to refresh the interior of your home for spring, remember that nothing speaks of springtime quite like pops of live greenery and beautiful flowers. The apex perk is that flora and foliage are appropriate enough to be kept around all year. The fullness and lush feeling of plants give a completely different vibe to a room.

You can incorporate larger plants to add in some organic color. If nurturing isn’t at the top of your daily to-do list, though, you can choose plants that you can keep alive with minimal effort. Either way, this small interior change makes an enduring world of difference.

Level Up Your Furniture: Time for an Upgrade

Your home’s interior should reflect your authentic style, and that includes major furniture pieces. Ergo, you may already love the furniture you have. If so, you can easily change your living space’s floor plan. Consider changing the sofa arrangement or positioning accent chairs at various angles for a more inviting layout.

However, if you are thinking about a furniture upgrade, now is the time to level up your décor game with something fun, modern, or light. Invest in high-end accent chairs, sofas, or tables to spruce up the most-used space in your home. Even replacing one piece of furniture can give your room a vital boost. This change may spark a revolution of design you can keep year-round.