The world of technology has grown ever closer to home, giving us a convenient and accessible existence. We can complete tasks around the house is quicker and simpler ways. If you wonder, “What are residential smart locks and how do they work?” look no further.

Residential Smart Locks

In recent years, home systems have advanced technologically. Nowadays, we can flip on the TV, turn up the thermostat, and turn off the lights, all while sitting on the couch. Smart locks are just the latest development in a long line of home improvement devices. These locks come in all shapes and sizes, offering you a wide variety of security features. Whether you want a touchscreen lock or one that connects exclusively with your smartphone, a smart lock gives you a sense of security beyond a metal lock and key.

How They Work

Smart locks depend on internal technologies that communicate with the Wi-Fi in your home or the Bluetooth connection on your phone. The digital interface allows you to connect from all around the world. The locks themselves contain programming that enables them to recognize your smartphone, fingerprint, or passcode upon entry.

How To Choose

Smart locks operate similarly to regular locks. They require a metal deadbolt and often have a hard key backup. Though you have a failsafe for your increased convenience, it could still be handy to have lock picking tools in your back pocket. No matter how you choose to open it, smart locks offer users a more accessible way to open their doors, especially if they’re prone to losing or forgetting their keys.

As you wonder, “what are residential smart locks and how do they work,” you can get a better idea of what will work best for you. If you enjoy being on the cutting edge of the home tech market, smart locks are the next step.