As you prepare for your coastal vacation home for summer, think about the fun you have when preparing for any vacation. The same goes for getting your rental home ready for summer—spend some quality time making sure that it’s in top shape before the summer rental frenzy begins. Preparation could include refreshing decorations around the house, upgrading bedding, or preparing the outdoor living space.

Stock Up

You may already have these items in storage or tucked away somewhere else in your house, but ensure you keep a stash of often-forgotten items to share with your guests. Have beach towels and blankets at hand. You can also stock sunscreen, cheap pairs of sunglasses, or cold water.

You’re more likely to get a great review if you exceed expectations. Think of unique ways to over-deliver and leave a lasting impression on your renters.

Don’t Forget About the Outside

If your home comes with an attached dock, it’s also worth the effort to clean your docks and ramps thoroughly to prepare for all the boating that summer brings. Your guests will enjoy it, but maybe you could also find a week or two to take a breather at your rental home and spend some time on the water.

Some Other Things To Consider:

  • Check for cracks or holes in the exterior walls and windows
  • Make sure all windows close properly and have their screens intact
  • Inspect any doorknobs and develop an entry and check-out process for any keys

An Extra Touch

Embrace in-season fresh produce with a basket for your guests. A basket filled with fresh fruit is always well received by guests, especially those staying on the coast for an extended period. It’s also easy to make. Head down to your local grocery store and pick up some tasty snacks before a rental kicks off.

Summer is the season in which many are looking to relax and unwind. By putting a little effort into preparing your coastal vacation home for summer, you and your renters will have the best vacation to date!