We have a long way to go to create a cleaner, healthier world. There are oceanic garbage patches to clean up, ecosystems to rehabilitate, and major sources of pollution to stop.

We can’t always turn the tide on some of these major ecological disasters, but we can do our part not to contribute to the damage in our day-to-day lives. And that effort begins in our homes. Our tips for giving your home an eco-friendly remodel will help you take the first steps.

Dim the Lights

Most of us know the rule about shutting out the light when we leave the room to preserve electricity and reduce our carbon footprint. But it’s possible to save even more energy by changing the types of lights we have in our homes.

Dimmer lights can help you adjust the amount of electricity being sent to your light bulbs. That way, you don’t have to use the maximum amount every time you turn on the lights. Additionally, they allow your bulbs to last longer, further reducing waste.

Stem the Tide

An American household, on average, uses about 300 gallons of water a day, mostly indoors. Reducing this number helps preserve water ecosystems and reduces the power expended by plants to clean it.

When it comes to reducing our home’s water usage, there are plenty of options, including:

  • Installing water-saving showerheads
  • Investing in efficient dishwashers
  • Buying a low-flow toilet
  • Choosing easy to clean materials for surfaces

Taking the time to check your plumbing system for leaks and making necessary repairs will also help reduce wasted water in your home.

Hold the Floor

We don’t typically think of the floor as a source of pollution. But new carpeting is a known source of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that degrade air quality. That’s why it’s a good idea to opt for hard flooring options, such as:

  • Vinyl
  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Tile
  • Sealed concrete

Hardwood is also considered an eco-friendly option. However, it’s important to ensure that you are using ethically sourced lumber when you shop around for it.

If we want to see a change in our environment, we need to make changes within our own lives. Giving your home an eco-friendly home remodel will help ensure the environment—and your home—stay beautiful for a long time.