In the past few months, everyone has gotten used to working completely remotely. For some, this has not been as much of an adjustment as many companies have adapted to this and allow employees to work from home full time. However, for those who had never experienced remote work, or just don’t prefer it, it may be difficult to get used to this new normal. Everyone who works from home can relate to having difficulty when it comes to setting boundaries. If you have no commute, then when do you truly begin, and when do you truly end your day? It is absolutely vital for your mental and physical health that you draw the line. Here’s a few tips on how you can: 

  • Have a specific workspace. If you can designate a room or area within your home that is your official workspace, then you will be able to leave your computer and other resources for work in that area on a 24/7 basis. This way, when you have completed your work for the day, once you leave the workspace you are now physically separated from the area. 
  • Take a lunch break. If your day allows, be sure to take time for a lunch break. It is important that you take some time away from the computer screen to get some steps in, stretch and relax your mind for a bit!
  • Get dressed. For many people, it can be easier to stay motivated if they are dressed as if they are going into the office. For others, it can mean switching from your pajamas to your nicest sweatpants set. Whatever works for you is what is best, just ensure you are getting dressed in the morning!