Do you and your family wear your shoes indoors? You may be surprised to hear that wearing shoes indoors is a more destructive habit than you think. Keep reading to discover the reasons why you shouldn’t wear your shoes indoors and why you might want to start leaving your shoes at the door when you enter your home.

They Track In Germs

The bottoms of our shoes are bound to pick up germs from all the places we wear them, such as bathrooms, parks, and other public places. If the thought of where the bottoms of your shoes have been isn’t enough to gross you out, listen to the research. Studies have shown that the outside of your shoes can carry viruses and bacteria from public places like businesses and bathrooms. It’s best to take your shoes off at the front door or when you first walk into your home. You may even want to disinfect your shoes regularly when bringing them indoors. And always remember to wash your hands after removing your shoes.

They Dirty Carpets and Rugs

Not only will your shoes track in germs, but they also track in dirt and debris, especially if you’ve been adventuring outdoors. No matter where you’ve been, whether it’s the park, the beach, trails, or elsewhere outdoors, your shoes will pick up dirt, sand, mud, and other debris, which may all end up in your carpeting and rugs if you wear your shoes indoors. This dirties your carpeting very quickly, which is just an overall annoyance and means more cleaning for you. In fact, wearing shoes indoors is one of the reasons why your carpet might be getting dirty so fast.

They Damage Your Flooring

Wearing shoes indoors puts more wear and tear on your flooring. The most often you wear heavy boots, heels, and any shoes with a hard sole, the more likely you are to scratch and scuff your flooring. This wear and tear will damage your floor over time, and you may even need to replace it eventually. Wood floors are especially susceptible to scratches and scuffs, and with this type of flooring being so expensive, you want to try to protect it for as long as possible.

So, which side of the fence are you on: shoes indoors or no shoes allowed? After learning why you shouldn’t wear your shoes indoors, your stance may have changed. Either way, it’s best to avoid wearing shoes indoors, especially with the upcoming holidays and more guests than ever visiting your home. Remind them to take their shoes off and make themselves at home so that your carpet and floors don’t pay the price this season.