Coastal accents are such a booming trend in home design even if you don’t live on the coast. Items that contribute to a calming beach feel can give your living spaces a more relaxed mood with that added pop of seaside color. The SeaShelf and its  unique coastal decor is a classic example of this.

Most of us have stayed in a coastal or beachfront cottage decorated with things that say “unwind” and “recharge.” Often it’s very hard to find truly unique items to decorate your living spaces that convey a day at the beach. Natural, organic wood in aqua, coral, and white hues, can be easily applied to any decor and bring a sensory experience of the beach to any home. Bringing a vacation vibe to your home gives it a new dimension from basic living to a get-away look and feel. The folks at SeaShelf have created a very simple and elegant accent for any coastal design in a full array of seaside colors.

The SeaShelf is extremely versatile and adds an airy, coastal feel while making use of the vertical space in your home.

This multi-purpose shelf can be used in any room to display photos, keepsakes, plants, books and other interior design ideas that inspire you. Also, place it by your pool for beach towels and sunscreens, or anything under the sun.

Versatile shelf for home decor & storage

The SeaShelf’s sophisticated rustic design makes it ideal for coastal décor.

This is the wonderful showpiece for any home to add that beachy flare. You don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the calming qualities of coastal living. And a good place to start is by adding the colors of the sky, sea, and sand to form a dreamy seaside theme.

The most difficult thing in decorating today is to find something truly unique that adds a special touch to your living spaces. This shelf has found a way to bring the outside into your home, office or any functional space to create a relaxed beachy feeling. When a special piece of furniture is needed, the SeaShelf is perfect!

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