Ambiance is the character or atmosphere of a place, and there’s nowhere where perfect ambiance matters more than in your home. Your home should be your oasis from the rest of the world, and setting up the right atmosphere in your oasis is necessary for when you want to relax and unwind.

Keep reading to learn about three ways to create the perfect ambiance in your home so that you can always come back to an oasis.3 ways to create the perfect ambiance in your home

Decorate Wisely

People normally think of an oasis as a calming, relaxing place, and traditionally, the most calming colors are neutrals and natural colors. While painting and decorating with these colors will help your home feel like a spa, you may not feel that it accurately portrays your personality. To create the perfect ambiance in your home, you need to decide how to decorate in such a way that will show off your personality and help you relax. Many people strike this balance by using neutral tones for walls and large pieces of furniture and using small pops of color in smaller décor to add personality.

Use Your Senses

Most people think that ambiance is all about what you can see. After all, what you view can easily stress you out or help you relax. But to create the perfect ambiance, you must think with all your senses, not just your eyes. Invest in a white noise machine or soundproof at least one room in your house so that you can enjoy peace and quiet. Find the best candle scent for your desired ambiance and keep it lit to add to the atmosphere. Pay attention to the texture of items you buy, especially comfort items like blankets and pillows.

Remember What You Love

If you get too focused on creating the perfect ambiance, you may forget that your home is primarily about the people and things that you love. As you design your home to create the best environment, remember to include what you love. Place family pictures where you can easily see them. Display souvenirs you’ve found in your travels. Buy décor items in your favorite color. While any person who walks into your home should be able to feel the ambiance you’ve created, this is still primarily your space, so fill it with the things that you love.

The three ways to create the perfect ambiance in your home are to decorate wisely, use your senses, and remember what you love. With the right decorations, a good sensory balance, and all the personal details that can help ground you, you’ll turn your home into your dream oasis for yourself and your guests.