Private conservatories are one of the most sought-after home additions on the market. Not only do they make beautiful places to safely enjoy nature and entertain guests, but they’re also capable of raising your home’s overall value. However, when it comes to building your own sunroom, there are several unique things to keep in mind. Use these tips for designing your home conservatory to ensure this process is successful.

Make It a Manageable Size

First and foremost, your conservatory should be neither too big nor too small. The size of this space should be proportional to your home and only large enough to accomplish your needs. Otherwise, it could end up looking out of place with the rest of the property and even become difficult to care for on your own. Ensure that this space is no bigger than your yard allows.

Keep the Flooring Neutral

Make sure that the flooring you pick for your sunroom offers a neutral feel to the area. Part of what makes these spaces so fun to design is the number of possibilities to make it unique. Using neutral tile flooring and beige-colored stone accents further enhances this by establishing a blank canvas for you to customize. Additionally, this palette is easy to redesign should you want a change later.

Include Artificial Lighting

Another crucial tip for designing your home conservatory is to include artificial lighting systems in its construction. These spaces are more often used to entertain than to grow plants, so many homeowners want to use them even after the sun has set. Additional lighting is very important to the effectiveness of this room.

Use Plenty of Greenery

Still, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep any plants in this room. In fact, glass ceilings have always made conservatories the perfect place to care for our favorite plants. Incorporate as much greenery as possible into its overall design. The extra flowers and foliage will make your conservatory feel more connected to the rest of the landscape and give it the natural charm you’re after.