Pigment powders are a versatile invention for coloring products, but this material requires special care when being used. It’s important to be mindful when handling any powdered form of material because it has the potential to be a health risk when you inhale it or have frequent exposure to it. Ensure you’re practicing the safe handling of your materials with this safety guide for using pigment powders.

Wear Protective Gear

It’s recommended that you wear a dust mask while handling your pigment powders or any other powdered form of materials, such as mica powder. Using other protective gear, like aprons and rubber gloves, is also the best way to avoid experiencing irritation from being in contact with these materials.

Cover Work Surfaces

Keep your work surface clean of pigment powder to avoid it from contaminating other surfaces. Laying down a plastic covering can preserve surfaces and keep them clean of pigment dust. Have wet disposal towels to clean up any pigment dust spillage or residue after use. Stay mindful of working near ventilated areas where pigment dust can easily transfer to other surfaces by a vent or running fan.

Store Pigments Correctly

It’s just as crucial to store your pigment powders with safe handling as when you use them. You should transfer your pigment powders from their packaging into glass jars sealed with a lid to prevent spilling. Ensure the tools you use when handling your pigment powders are reserved for using your pigments only, to avoid cross-contaminating other tools.

Responsible Waste Disposal

After use, disposal of your pigment powders is a very important step. Typically, dyes and pigments are nonbiodegradable, meaning that the materials will not break down naturally. It’s important to dispose of your pigment powders responsibly through a household hazardous waste program or drop-off center near you.

Even if a pigment powder lacks a warning label, it’s important to treat all powdered materials as a safety hazard. A helpful tip is to use a labeling system for your pigment powders to keep them organized for safe handling. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling your pigment powders. Always keep them out of reach from children and pets.