A residential basement can be a great place to sit back and relax, whether it’s thanks to a small bar, a pool table, or any various form of entertainment. Other times, basements can be a cold, dark place used for nothing more than Christmas tree and yearbook storage. These tips for transforming your basement into a relaxing space will show you how to use this area of the house to its full advantage.

Paint with Calming Colors

If you want to transform your basement into a place for relaxation, then you should obviously finish the basement, which requires you to create durable walls. With a set of durable walls in place, you’ll have to color them with a fresh coat of paint.

Before choosing your favorite color, or a completely random shade, consider choosing calming colors when designing basement walls. Colors that are commonly associated with creating feelings of relaxation and serenity include cool shades of green and blue.

Aside from green and blue, neutral shades can also help create a calming atmosphere for you and your guests. If you’re unfamiliar with neutral shades, this term typically refers to colors such as white, grey, tan, beige, and black. Your paint choice should also tie into your basement décor to create some visual balance instead of displaying a random collection of colors, which can look a bit messy.

Warm up the Floor

Good flooring is one of the most essential tips for transforming your basement into a relaxing space. That cold concrete floor you probably have is far from relaxing. To give your basement floor some comfort and warmth, consider installing carpet. That being said, carpeting isn’t the only way to make your basement feel cozier. If you’re a big fan of tiles, that is also a suitable choice for basement flooring.

However, consider laying down a rug or two throughout the basement. This will add some warmth, as well as a creative visual contrast to your tiles. A rug on tiles might sound messy like the aforementioned random collection of colors, but the right rug with the right set of tiles can complement each other beautifully.

Install Window Wells

In an underground basement, if you install windows, all you’ll see is dirt. However, installing window wells allows you to bring natural light and fresh air to your basement. One of the most effective ways to create an inviting living space is illuminating the house with warm, natural light.

Basements that are also living spaces require the presence of an emergency egress. A window well can act as one when properly designed to do so. You should also strongly consider installing covers on window wells because they will greatly minimize the upkeep you have to perform, especially during the colder seasons.