You may not pay much attention to the design of your laundry room until you’re actually in it. However, by renovating the space and adding your unique touches, you can make doing laundry less painful and more of a relaxing break in your day. See below to find some of the best tips for designing the ultimate laundry room.

Figure Out the Ideal Location

When you’re remodeling your current house or building a new one, it’s much easier to design the perfect laundry room from scratch; otherwise, you’ll have to work within a set area that already exists. The optimal locations are those that are readily accessible from your kitchen, with a secondary access point from one of your hallways. Try to stay away from bedrooms and living rooms, as the noise can be a little much.

Know How Much Space You’re Working With

Your options may be limited or expanded depending on how much available space there is in your potential laundry room. If you have ample room, for example, investing in a top-loading washer will allow you to add clothing during the cycle that you may have missed previously. For small places, however, front-loading machines may be preferable because you can stack them on top of each other.

Choose Your Appliances

You may already own a washer and dryer set, so you’ll need to decide if you want to keep them or upgrade to new machines. If you’ve had them for more than five years, it makes sense just to replace them anyway since newer models will be more efficient and require fewer repairs. You should pick appliances that seamlessly integrate into your style as well.

Pick a Smart Layout

Think about your workflow and make sure you have adequate room to move about securely and comfortably. You may need to raise the machines depending on who will use them to minimize bending and arching of the back.

Try installing your washing machine between your sink and your laundry baskets, enabling you to move garments directly from one to the other. Placing your dryer adjacent to or above your washing machine eliminates duplicate handling and provides nearby table space for folding or sorting clothes straight from the dryer.

Hopefully, these tips for designing the ultimate laundry room enable you to create a space that makes it incredibly easy and even enjoyable to wash and dry your clothes. Take some of the stress out of your life and create a space that works for you.