It’s a seller’s market but no one has looked at yours in months. Are you ready to find out the real reasons why your house isn’t selling fast? It takes dedication to get your home on and off the market. Use these tips and tricks to make it happen.

It’s Overpriced

You want top dollar for your home, especially if you’re looking to make a profit or put a lot of work into the place. Still, you should base the cost on its value and not what you think it’s worth or how much you want. Sure signs that you’re charging too much are:

  • Homes in your area are selling faster than yours
  • You’re getting no requests for showings
  • Your price is higher than similar homes

The Home Isn’t Staged

Though it takes some work, staging your home is important if you want to sell it quickly. When you stage your home, you allow the homebuyer to picture themselves living there. If your personal items are present, they may feel like they’re visiting as a guest rather than trying out the space for themselves.

Pro Tip: Consider putting items in storage. You don’t want to confine them to a single room since potential buyers will want to look at everything.

The Listing Isn’t Impressive

Most homebuyers will first see your listing. You should include photos that show off the best aspects of each room. This is another reason why staging is so important. Take photos of your home after it’s staged so potential buyers can see how it will look when they arrive.

Your Home Needs Maintenance

Few people want to buy a fixer-upper. Inspect your home for damage and consider updates you could make that may allow you to charge more for your property. For instance, modern appliances and security systems can significantly improve the value of your home. Before you move, find out if your insurance will cover new siding and other home repairs to help boost your curb appeal.

You Hired a Bad Real Estate Agent

You should hire a real estate agent to sell your home if you want to sell it quickly. These people live and breathe the market, and they can get your home on more platforms. Make sure you choose an agent with many years of experience. You want to work with someone who is willing to work for you.

Ensure you go over these reasons why your house isn’t selling fast. Reevaluate your plan and adjust where necessary so you can sell as quickly as your neighbors and friends.