Plumbing problems are universal no matter what kind of house you may live in. If you consider yourself a handy person, you might try to fix some of these problems yourself. However, there are some problems that are just too large to handle without the proper experience. You could cause a lot of damage by not calling for a professional when you absolutely need to. Here are a few signs it is time to call a professional plumber before your problems become even worse.

Drain Backflow

Drains are only supposed to work one way, if yours seem to be working in two directions lately, you could have a serious problem. Backflow in your drains has a number of causes, mostly related to clogs in your sewer line. This problem can be extremely unsanitary and rooted deep in your plumbing. Calling a drain professional is your best bet to fixing this problem quickly.

Basement Flooding

Basements end up flooded for any number of reasons, and the important thing to remember is that every second counts when your basement starts to flood. The longer you let the issue linger, the more damage it can do to your home. An emergency plumber is what you’ll need to make sure that the water damage doesn’t get out of control.

No Water Access

One of the clearest signs it’s time to call a professional plumber is if you don’t have water or your water pressure is extremely low. This usually means there is a serious problem with your house’s water line or water main. Unless you completely understand your home’s plumbing structure, you’ll need to call in a pro for this problem.

Your Drains Don’t Work

If you find that you have multiple drains in your home that all seem to get clogged simultaneously, your sewer line might have a problem that you can’t fix with simple drain clearing fluid. A professional plumber will most likely need to take an augur to your sewer line in order to clear it out for good. This can happen when you flush the wrong things down your toilet or drain, so watch what you throw away.

Foul Odors

Not only are smells of sewage and waste coming from your drains unpleasant to deal with, but they can also actually be harmful to your health. Those smells come from sewage gas that builds up in your pipes when they get clogged up. You don’t want to mess around when you have this problem, so call up a professional right away to get this taken care of.