Your wedding invitations are the first impressions your guests will get of your wedding. Before you tie the knot, give your loved ones the best taste of what’s to come with these wedding invitation ideas to wow your guests.

Seeded Paper

For gardeners and nature lovers, printing invitations on seeded paper is a whimsical—and useful—choice. Recycled paper houses herb and flower seeds. After the recipient reads and RSVPs to your extra-green invitation, they can plant the paper and watch a wildflower or herb garden grow from it!

Fancy Foil

What’s more glamorous than a sleek, gilded invitation? Choose high-quality cardstock and a flourishing yet readable font, and line the borders with silver or gold. A little metallic foil on your invitation goes a long way in catching guests’ attention and giving a lavish first impression.

Hand Lettering

People can tell when a letter or invitation is handwritten. That handmade touch shows your guests that you care about every one of them! Perhaps this technique is better suited for small guest lists, but stretch your calligraphy muscles (or hire a professional) and handwrite each invite in gorgeous ink.

Laser Cutting

Turn a simple paper invitation into an intricate work of art. Laser cutting is precise enough for you to create lace patterns around the edges—or perhaps on the front of the card! Make your guests feel like they’re lifting a veil when they open your invitation.

Go Paperless

And not in the email way! Forgo the paper in favor of more unique materials. If you’re looking for an unconventional invite, print the information on handkerchiefs. Engrave the details on a piece of acrylic or print them onto a coaster. Give your guests a unique souvenir right off the bat and watch the positive RSVPs appear.

Invitations are an essential part of any wedding. Functionally, they provide your guests with the important details and an opportunity to RSVP. But they’re also an opportunity for you to show off your personality and tease the theme of the wedding to your loved ones. Remember these wedding invitation ideas to wow your guests—you’ll flex your creative muscles while enticing your guests with these little works of art.