Whether you want to update something you found at a thrift store or add an exotic twist to some old furniture, painting it a different color is a fantastic idea. However, there are numerous types of paint to choose from, such as acrylic or watercolor.

We will discuss the benefits of painting your furniture with chalk paint. Here are the top tips for chalk painting your furniture.

Prepare Your Furniture Before Painting

Before you start painting, you must do some preparation. First, remove anything from your furniture that you don’t want to paint, such as handles on a dresser, so it will look pristine when you put it back on.ure

Then, give your furniture a quick touch-up with a damp cloth or wet paper towel. You don’t want to use any harsh chemicals for cleaning because it might disrupt your paint.

Get Your Paint Ready

After you finish preparing your furniture, it’s time to get your paint ready for its job. First, stir up your chalk paint color of choice so that the coating comes out evenly and smoothly.

If you have children, this is a fun chalk art project to do with them. They can do the easier jobs, like stirring. You don’t need any special tool for stirring; a stick or even a finger will do.

Next, dip your brush in and apply the paint to your furniture. You need to be confident in your ability, or else the strokes won’t appear smooth, and this project should be fun! While you paint, ensure that your brush covers each space on your furniture so you don’t have to fill it in later. Even brush strokes will make your furniture look even, but it’s hard to fill it in neatly if you miss a spot.

Let Your Paint Dry, Then Reapply

Once your first coating of paint dries, it’s time to add a touch-up. However, before you apply the second coating, ensure your first coat fully dries.

The drying process can take from one to three hours. When you are sure that the first coating is dry, follow the same steps as before and add layers. Then, wait for it to dry until you cover your furniture entirely with paint.

After completing the painting process, use chalk paint wax to let the paint settle. Then, polish the wax evenly with a brush or lint-free cloth so that it doesn’t clump. Once you finish waxing your furniture, you can let it dry.

Overall, painting your furniture isn’t too difficult; you just need patience and determination. So now that you know the top tips for chalk painting your furniture, it’s time to start painting!