One of the biggest challenges that come with decorating a home is how to distribute the furniture. This becomes an issue when dealing with spaces of all sizes because the most obvious answer is to go with a loveseat or sofa that fits two or more people.

But another seating solution staring you in the face is one missed with painful frequency; add an accent chair. These pieces of furniture are great for creating diversity in the room and providing a comfortable alternative to the couch or sectional. Here are four ways showing how to use accent chairs to decorate around your home.

Bedroom Hideout

A bedroom is often bereft of any furniture aside from a bed, dressers, and bedside tables. Many experts suggest only using your bed for sleep, so adding an accent chair to the room creates additional ways you can use the space. Use the chair as a retreat at the end of the day, providing a quiet place to destress.

Reading Nook

Few things are more satisfying for a bibliophile than a comfortable recliner to curl up in with a good book. Adding a chair to a sectioned off portion of the room, along with some natural or artificial lighting can create a perfect reading nook for the book lovers in your home.

Living Room Alternative

In many living rooms, the seating arrangements revolve around the sofa. While this might work for some, others find it much more fulfilling to flex their decorating muscles with the addition of accent chairs to the living room. These provide an alternative to squeezing together on the sofa and facilitates face-to-face discussions better due to the alternate seating arrangements.

Home Office Options

Our final suggestion for how to use accent chairs to decorate is to put them to work in your home office. They will allow anybody who comes into the room a comfortable place to sit while meeting with you. They also allow for more serious family discussions than might be done in the living room.