Cleaning for some is a therapeutic task that is enjoyed as it helps to destress while being productive. For others, cleaning is a task that is dreaded and oftentimes avoided as long as possible. No matter where you stand when it comes time to clean your home, everyone can agree that they love a clean space.

Every home, no matter how big or small it is, and whether it is a single-family home, an apartment, or a condo, gets messy, dirty, dusty, and everything in between. If you are not regularly cleaning your space, it can get to a point of becoming overwhelming to get the job done. Where do you even start?

Efficiently and Easily Clean Your Home with These Tips

We have pulled together some tips on how you can efficiently clean your home while saving yourself some time (and some money!).  

1 – Declutter before you clean.

To make sure that you clean your home in every nook and cranny while you are dusting, vacuuming, and wiping surfaces down, make sure that you take the time to clear away clutter beforehand. While this may seem like an intimidating task in itself, especially if you have a lot of clutter throughout your home, it is crucial to be able to get each room fully cleaned. Plus, decluttering will also make you feel super productive, as you will be able to put items back where they belong and figure out what you can get rid of or donate to clear some space in your home. 


2 – Get all your cleaning supplies into a caddy. 

Once you start to clean your home, you will find yourself in a groove and will not want to stop. To make the process easier for yourself, gather all the cleaning supplies that you will need in a caddy that you can easily and quickly bring from room to room. With everything together in a caddy that is portable, you will not have to waste any time looking for any sprays, sponges, or towels that you might need while you are cleaning.


3 – Pick a task and get it done in every room. 

Some people prefer to knock out an entire room before moving to the next. If you are not one of those people, consider picking one task and completing it in every room before moving on to the next task. For example, if you are looking to dust, grab your duster and dust each room that you are cleaning before moving on to a task such as vacuuming. This is a very efficient way to clean and get each task completed and out of the way before moving on to the next. 


4 – Sweep first then mop. 

Why should you sweep first and mop after? When you are sweeping, you are removing any dry dust or debris that has built up overtime in the house. If you do not sweep before you begin mopping and scrubbing the floor, any of the dry dust that has accumulated over time will dampen and end up sticking to the floor, which will cause more work for you in the long run.


5 – Clear out expired items before taking your garbage out. 

As you are cleaning your home, you will likely be filling up several garbage bags. Once the cleaning process is complete, go through your cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom to clear out any expired items that you no longer need, as well as items that are old and are no longer being used. This is a great opportunity to take inventory of what items you need in the kitchen and bathroom ahead of your next shopping trip.