You’ll run to see what the filters look like after learning the types of filters and their uses in your home. Be sure you clean or replace them frequently to keep your home running smoothly! When you’re out shopping, ensure that you’re looking for water, furnace, and air conditioner filters to have around the house when in need.

Window Screens

Window screens are the most unorthodox type of filter. They are the filter that never gets a break while also being the most unrecognizable. If you want to clean your windows you can take a duster or a rag to the screens. The window screens are used to prevent things from entering your homes, such as bugs, pollen, and dander.


Furnaces keep the heated airflow in the house to stay clean while being distributed throughout the house. They are helpful because the filters regulate carbon monoxide through your home. Understanding the different types of furnace filters will prevent your house from being taking over by the silent killer.

Water Filters

You can use water filters under your sink or put them into your water. The filter’s purpose is to remove contaminants that are present. Another form of a water filter that you can use in your home is a water softener. Water filters and softeners come in handy when preventing rashes and breakouts in your home as well.

Air Conditioner

Out of the many types of filters and their uses in your home, an air conditioner is the one we know well in the warmer months. You should change the air conditioner’s filter every two months. Without the filter in the air conditioner, you cannot remove or drain moisture from your unit.

When checking the filters, if you see that they were in rough condition, ensure that you create a schedule to change and check on them frequently.