Is your social media brimming with pictures and videos of people on a summer getaway? ‘Tis the season for travel with warm weather back in session and summer breaks scheduled. However, not everyone gets dealt a fair hand in their future, leaving many out of the summer travel fun. Fortunately, if you have a pool, backyard, and some free time on your hands, you can turn your backyard into a mini summer oasis and give yourself a well-deserved summer break from the comforts of your home.

Upgrade Your Poolside

Spending time by the poolside is a classic summer pastime. You get to kick your feet up, soak in the sun, and listen to the meditative lulls of rippling water as the wind blows through. Styling your poolside patio with outdoor furnishings, backyard upgrades, and updated décor enhances your regular poolside experience. Add comfort, style, and ambiance to your new summer oasis, all with a little design flip.

Invest in Pool Accessories

After bronzing in the rays all day, a dive into the pool keeps you cool. Swimming offers bountiful benefits both physically and mentally. It strengthens your muscles, connects you with a sacred natural element, and refreshes your body and mind. There are many ways to enjoy a swim, from practicing laps to simply floating. Investing in pool accessories like floaties, jacuzzi jets, pool toys, floating coolers, and table trays upgrades your pool with entertainment and various forms of relaxation.

Plant Tropical Greenery

Many of the most popular summer travel destinations feature tropical climates with sandy shores, sunny skies, and luscious greenery. Instead of catching a plane to an island or rainforest, bring the tropics to your yard. Tropical plants come in numerous variations, offering a mix of species, smells, and beautiful natural sights. Planting tropical greenery into your backyard space allows you to enjoy all that the tropical flora offers and recreates an ambiance fit for a summer oasis.

Install an Outdoor Bar

Cocktails, mocktails, lemonade, and freshly squeezed juices always make an appearance on a summer vacation. They offer sweet, fruity, and refreshing flavors that tingle your tastebuds all while cooling you down. Installing an outdoor bar in your backyard opens up the opportunity to whip up a tasty drink as you savor the outdoors. Plus, you can pretend to be a beachside bar when guests come over, mirroring a genuine summer vacation experience. Bonus points if you can get someone to serve you the drinks!

Transforming your backyard into a summer oasis transports the vacation to you. Although you don’t get to experience the best of Ibiza, you can still enjoy a little retreat and relaxation from your yard. A little bit of imagination and creativity ensures you never miss out on various life experiences.