Essential oil diffusers have quickly found their place within the home setting. Providing ample amounts of aroma for you to enjoy, these inventions are a great resource to have when trying to set the atmosphere. Best of all, not only are these devices more diverse than candles, but they come in a plethora of different designs to suit any aesthetic. However, it’s important to note that not just any diffuser will work well in your home, and there are several things to keep in mind as you search. These are four things to consider when buying essential oil diffusers to ensure that you’ll love your diffuser.

The Type of Diffuser

Firstly, you need to think about the exact model you want. Diffusers come in various types depending on how it breaks down oils and distributes them throughout a space. Some products use heat and water vapor, while others don’t require water in the process at all. However, remember that no-water models can be more difficult to clean, even if they allow you to switch out scents more quickly.

Range of Dispersal

You should also think about the dispersal range you’re going to need. After all, not every diffuser can fill a large room, and getting one that’s too small for the space can lead to an uneven spread. So, pay close attention to how wide the radius is on the product packaging and compare it to the size of space you’re trying to fill.


Another important thing to consider when buying an essential oil diffuser is where you plan to place it in the room. Even if your diffuser can cover the entire room reliably, where you position your device in relation to other items can impact its effectiveness. For instance, if you happen to have an aquarium, essential oils can affect the water and potentially make the environment unsafe for your fish. Placing it too close to furniture can also block the spray and prevent scents from reaching certain areas.

Noise Level

Noise level is a worthwhile consideration as well. Some models generate sounds while they’re active, and they can get louder as they age. This can disrupt your focus or even your sleep, depending on when you use it. Because of this, research whether a particular diffuser makes noise before you buy it or place it in a different way room if it does.