Summer is in full bloom, and while most of us are eager to spend time outdoors, bugs are eager to get inside. Most insects breed and emerge during the warmer summer months, and one or two of them will likely find their way into your house during the course of the season. Such pests have no place in your home, and you must remove them immediately before they have time to reproduce and cause an even bigger problem. Enlisting an exterminator to rid your house of pests is a viable and highly effective option for larger infestations, but you can often handle smaller problems just as easily on your own. This guide explores how to keep pests out of your house during summer with three quick and easy home remedies.

Seal potential points of entry

One of the best tips for how to keep pests out of your house during summer is to work from the inside out. Sealing off any potential points of entry mitigates the possibility of an infestation before it even has the chance to begin. Bear in mind that most common house pests are very tiny, and they may be able to enter your home through barely noticeable holes or cracks. As such, it’s important that you pay very close attention when you’re sealing up any potential entry points. Ensure that all doors and windows have a tight seal, and replace their insulation if necessary. Caulk around window and door frames to create an even tighter seal that will withstand all pests and weather damage. Check window and door screens for tears as well. Your windows will be open more during the summer, so damaged screens will provide a perfect point of entry for many household pests.

Keep it clean

An unkempt home attracts household pests of all kinds. Dirt, dust, mold, and mildew will attract pests from far and wide. Adhering to a regular cleaning schedule will not only keep bugs at bay, but also will alert you to potential infestations before they can grow any larger. Pay special attention when you’re cleaning your kitchen, as this is the main draw for bugs in many houses. Keep your pantry and cupboards tidy, and store all food products in sealed containers. Empty the garbage can on a regular basis, and keep a close eye on produce, as overripe fruit and veggies will attract an array of different pests.

Utilize natural remedies

Heavy-duty cleaners will certainly get the job done and rid your home of pests, but they often contain chemicals that can put your family’s health at risk. Luckily, there are many natural remedies that will deter bugs without affecting yourself or your family. Specific smells strongly deter many pests; vinegar is one such product that deters ants and moths. As an added bonus, you can use vinegar to create a natural cleaning solution that you can then use on various surfaces in your home. Coffee grounds also deter ants; place them outside around your home’s foundation to prevent their entry.