While the COVID-19 pandemic may have made last year’s summer a total bust, this year is looking a lot more hopeful. If you’re eager to get outside and on the water, then make the most of it by considering some of our recommended best foods to enjoy by the beach. After all, there’s nothing better than good food and good friends while on the coast.

Chips and Salsa

Chips and salsa are a classic staple of the best foods to enjoy by the beach, but we’re not talking about your average tomato-based salsa. Instead, we recommend bringing salsa macha. Salsa macha is a popular variant of salsa originating in Veracruz, Mexico, that quickly spread throughout Mexico and made its way into the United States. Every bite features a smokey flavor and a nutty texture—this snack will be satisfying and rich with flavor.

Fruit Kebabs

For something lighter and more refreshing, a snack that’s easy to prepare is fruit kebabs. When chilled in a cooler, these will be both nutritious and refreshing on even the hottest of days. Customize them with your favorite fruits and even drizzle on a chocolate sauce to create a sweet and savory treat. These kebabs are incredibly easy to bring with you anywhere and even easier to prepare in larger batches if you’re expecting to host a lot of people at the beach.

Sandwich Wraps

If you want something better suited to lunch on the beach than snacks, then you can’t go wrong with sandwich wraps. The reason we recommend wraps instead of traditional sandwiches is to avoid getting sand in the nooks and crannies. The wrap also keeps its contents tightly packed, so they’re easier to wrap and pack for the beach.


Maybe you want to satisfy your sweet tooth instead. Brownies are the perfect beachside treat because they’re baked through and thus will not melt under the hot summer sun, unlike other chocolate-based treats. This is especially ideal if you don’t have room to store the brownies in your cooler.