What’s more relaxing than lounging on your private patio with a glass of wine and a good book? To make this a regular occurrence, you need to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space. Accomplishing this goal isn’t possible without high-quality patio furniture.

Furniture of any kind is an investment. As such, you’ll need to develop a maintenance routine to keep your deck accessories in good condition.

Kick your feet up and explore these tips for protecting your patio furniture regardless of the season.

Tips for protecting your patio furniture

Keep Things Clean

Nobody wants to spend time on a dirty patio. Make a habit of cleaning your outdoor area daily to remove any dirt and debris; this includes washing pillows, sweeping floors, and wiping down table tops.

When choosing outdoor patio furniture, look for options that feature water- and dirt-resistant materials—vinyl and stainless steel are easy to clean and won’t develop rust. You should keep any fabric accessories on a regular wash schedule so you always have a fresh space.

Shield With Shade

Since your patio is outside, it will always be vulnerable to the elements. While you might not be able to protect them completely, you can give them a fighting chance. Add shading features to shield your deck and accessories.

Prolonged UV ray exposure will degrade furniture and make it look dull. Rain and snow can cause wood features to warp and encourage mold growth. Installing umbrellas, awnings, and patio covers will protect your patio furniture from anything nature has to offer.

Tie Things Down

Sunshine and rain aren’t the only things you need to think about. Windy days can disrupt your patio design and cause serious damage to your furniture. If you don’t want your accessories flying around your yard, consider tying some things down.

Check the weather daily to anticipate any extreme conditions. If you can’t bring your items inside, anchor your tables and chairs to railings and other sturdy features with a strong rope. You’ll be grateful for the forethought when all of your patio items are still in the right place after a storm.

All things worth having take a little bit of work—your outdoor area is no exception! With these tips, you’ll always be able to enjoy your patio, no matter the time of year.