Weather can have a considerable impact on the overall stability and comfort of your home. So, it’s wise to understand the best ways to prevent some of the damages and general discomfort that weather can bring with it. Read about how to make your home more weatherproof so that you can feel safe and assured.

Install Weatherstripping on Doors and Windows

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more weather resistant, installing weatherstripping on your windows and doors is an excellent place to start. Even adequately sealed doors and window frames can cause considerable air leaks, both in the heat of summer and dead of winter. However, when you install weatherstripping, you seal those minuscule cracks and reducing air leaks significantly. Weatherstripping ensures that outside temperatures never have too drastic an effect on your home’s interior environment.

Make Your Roof More Wind Resistant

A more extensive method for weatherproofing your home is having wind-resistant roofing installed. Asphalt and slate aren’t as durable as roofing materials, such as metal. So, metal roofing can have a dramatic impact on your home’s ability to resist high winds. Of course, you’ll want to ensure you have professionals install the roofing correctly. Additionally, have your attic inspected for proper ventilation. This way, once you do get your new roof, you’ll be sure that it’s a structurally sound addition to your home.

Seal Your Crawlspaces

Another easily overlooked way to weatherproof your home is having your crawlspaces sealed. Encapsulating your crawlspaces can protect the home’s foundation from damages that severe weather like flooding and hard freezes can cause. But it can also prevent damage from other, less drastic environmental factors that contribute to the growth of fungus, mold, and bacteria. When left to thrive under your home, these organisms can become detrimental to the home’s overall structure.

Preparing your home for all kinds of weather can help prevent significant damages and increase its comfort. Hopefully, our quick guide on how to make your home more weatherproof provides some inspiration for what you can do to ensure your home is cozy and secure, no matter the forecast.