Too much open wall space in your home can make it feel empty or cold. However, if you have lots of open wall space at home, consider it a blank canvas that offers plenty of design opportunities. Here are some smart ways to utilize this vertical space at home that you can draw inspiration from to fill your home out.

Create Extra Storage Space

One of the biggest reasons to utilize vertical space in the home is to reduce clutter and create more room for storage. Many homeowners use shelf brackets and floating shelves in their closets, kitchens, storage rooms, and elsewhere around the house. Doing so allows them to increase storage space. If you’re hanging heavy-duty brackets to support larger loads, ensure you have all the tools you’ll need to install shelf brackets properly.

Elevate Your Decorations

There are many ways to decorate your home by using vertical space. For example, you can use shelves for decorative purposes the same way you can create more storage. Floating shelves are the perfect spot to display your favorite photos, decorations, art pieces, and more throughout your home. If you’re running out of decorating space on your mantel, bookcase, tables, and other surfaces, consider hanging shelves to display your pieces. Additionally, if you have a large amount of wall space to fill, consider hanging a large painting or tapestry to decorate your space and inject some of your personality into it.

Utilize Floating Furniture

Whether for style or to save space, many homeowners are turning to floating furniture for their various rooms. While the name might make these pieces sound futuristic, they actually get their name from the effect they create when mounted to a wall. Many homes feature floating desks, shelves, cabinets, countertops, hearths, and more. Hanging floating furniture, such as desks and cabinets, can offer additional storage space without taking up room on your floor. This makes floating furniture ideal for smaller spaces with open wall space.

Try some of these tips for yourself in your own home. With these smart ways to utilize vertical space in your home, you can create a more organized, decorative, and functional environment.