Every home or apartment has that one room that its homeowner or tenant thinks should be bigger. It might seem like all you can do is accept defeat and just work with the cramped space you have. The good news is that you can employ some interior design hacks to help give your small space a makeover. Discover the strategies to make a small room look bigger and start applying them to your space.

Adding a Mirror

Adding a mirror doesn’t sound like it will accomplish much at first, but mirrors can do a lot to make a room look bigger. A mirror’s reflective nature helps bounce light back into the room. This gives the appearance of more natural light, especially if you place a mirror across from or near a window. You could also try placing a mirror in the focal point of the room, which can help create the illusion of more depth to the space. You can even try a ceiling-hung mirror for the same effect if you don’t have the extra wall space.

See-Through Furniture

See-through furniture is a modern style choice that also serves a functional purpose. Glass, acrylic, and clear plastic are common materials for see-through shelves, tables, chairs, and decorations. Because these items are transparent, they take up less visual space than traditional solid-colored furniture. This creates the perception of a larger space visually.

The Right Lighting

The right lighting choices can also grant the illusion of more space to your room. You’ll want to start by emphasizing natural lighting. As a recommendation, choose curtains that don’t obstruct any of your limited window space when fully pulled apart. If you have no or limited window access, you could also try adding multiple artificial light sources such as lamps and compact lighting features. Go for a vertical lighting style to emphasize the height of your room.

So, if you find yourself struggling for space in your home, try out these strategies to make a small room look bigger. These tips can help you achieve the appearance of having more space even if you don’t have a lot to work with. These methods are great if you live in a smaller apartment or want to give a certain room a larger appearance.