The laundry pile stacked higher than the basket with little or no time at all to get it put away? If you are looking for a way to get your family motivated to help around the house, look no further. Here are some of the best motivational methods to get your family to clean.

Take a Break

Don’t let everybody just assume that you will deal with the mess. They will realize quickly that all the help and cleaning that you do when it isn’t getting done. Instead, take a break from cleaning up after everybody and show your family that it should be a team effort!

Have a Little Fun

Cleaning doesn’t have to be as awful as everybody thinks. It can be fun! Share with your family these fun ideas on how to have fun while cleaning. Whether you call your friends to talk while you clean, have a dance party, make whatever cleaning task you are doing into a game, or even give yourself incentive that you receive at the end of the task—it can be enjoyable.

Jam Out

There is nothing better than blaring your favorite song throughout the house. Want to get your family to help? Let them pick the song! Not only will they enjoy the tunes, but they can also enjoy putting away the laundry while doing so.

Dance Your Heart Out

Putting away the dishes can be such a bore. Spice it up and dance it out! Have everybody in the family show their best dancing moves as they put away the clean dishes. Not only does this help you get everything away from dinner, but a dance party is also good for the soul!

Make Sure You Smile

Remember, you are the influence. If you look like you hate vacuuming, they are going to assume vacuuming is awful. If you look like you are enjoying yourself by having a big smile on your face while completing house chores, your family will be more apt to help you out. Plus, that smile looks great on you.

These tips prove that cleaning doesn’t have to be as awful as everybody makes it out to be. Take these motivational methods to get your family to clean and use them—you won’t be complaining when your family is having fun and your house is clean.