What’s better than finishing a cleaning checklist? Nothing, of course. After a long day of scrubbing and wiping, you can finally enjoy a clean home.

Although everything is seemingly in order, you may have forgotten a few things. Check out six common household cleaning mistakes you may be making and some ways to fix them.

Overworking the Dishwasher

One cleaning mistake that people make is overworking their dishwashers by piling too many appliances in them. Luckily, there are some methods to avoid this. Alternate the direction of utensils to help water flow, and put plasticware on the top rack to prevent damage. Keep in mind that all dishes can’t go into the dishwasher. Handwash sharp knives and wooden cutting boards, as a dishwasher can dull the surfaces of these items.

Not Emptying the Vacuum

Vacuums pick up dirt and grime on carpets and floors. They can hold dirt for a few rounds of cleaning, but after a while, it’s easy to forget about emptying the bag or canister. If the vacuum is too full, it won’t pick up any dirt, leaving grime on your floor. Create a habit of emptying the bag after three rounds of vacuuming for an optimal cleaning experience.

Reusing Dust Rags

Reusing dust rags on multiple surfaces can spread germs. After you clean one surface, get a fresh rag before moving on to the next. This stops the transfer of bacteria to and from different appliances. Replace dust rags every month or every 30 uses to ensure cleanliness.

Not Cleaning Toilet Brushes

After getting our toilet bowls nice and clean, we usually walk away without cleaning the brush, which can host germs. Once a month, combat these germs by submerging the brush in a cup of white vinegar. Then, allow the brush to dry completely before placing it back in the holder.

Forgetting To Clean Appliances

Our washing machines clean our clothes, but what cleans the washing machine? People often overlook specific household appliances in the cleaning process, but it’s important to remember that appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers need cleaning, too. Make an effort to clean these appliances twice a year so that they can continue doing their jobs.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Many people equate harsh chemicals with “clean,” but that’s not always the case. Different surfaces in your home require different cleaners. For example, you can’t pour bleach on your wooden floors as you would with a toilet. Instead, wood floors need gentle, anti-weakening polish cleansers.

Remember, when you’re using any chemical-based cleaning product, it’s critical to understand how to properly store cleaning supplies in your home to ensure your family members’ safety.

All of us have brushed over cleaning a few household areas. It’s fine, but eventually getting around to it is important. So the next time you’re cleaning, remember these six common household cleaning mistakes you may be making to avoid missing a spot.