It never fails to happen—you get a closet straightened out and organized, and a month later, it’s back to its old ways. No matter how well you organize them, your home’s closets become chaotic too easily. But you don’t have to keep reliving this frustrating cycle. Use these top five tips for organizing your home closets.

1. Declutter

It’s impossible for you to have a well-organized closet if it’s full of items that shouldn’t be there. Clear out the closet and sort items into three piles: keep, throw out, and donate. You can categorize your items by thinking about whether the clothes still fit, if you still wear them, and if you like them.

Place items that you need or will use later in the “keep” pile. Then, throw away items that are worn out or no longer serve their purpose. Donate items you no longer use or want.

2. Designate a Space for Everything

While you might have many objects you want to keep, perhaps not everything should stay in the closet. Make sure that all the items have their own space so that you can easily put them where they belong. Some items might do better in a dresser. And if you have a small closet, consider placing seasonal clothes, like bulky outwear, into bins that you can store under your bed.

3. Add Organizational Features

The next tip for organizing your home closets is to add organizational features. Organizers like shoe racks, shelves, and drawer dividers can make it easier for you to keep all your items accessible and neat. You can install a closet system to tailor your closet for your needs or simply add elements like hanging canvas shelving. Customizing your closet will help you make the most of your available space.

4. Place Items Neatly

Once you’ve decided what stays in the closet and where it should go, place items neatly. Using the same type of hanger or only two different hanger types will help your closet look uniform. Turn all hanging items in the same direction and don’t overcrowd the clothes. Fold items neatly and place them on shelves, and put shoes together in pairs.

5. Routinely Organize

One of the keys to keeping your closet organized is to prevent an accumulation of unused or under-appreciated items. If you put an item in the closet, you should take an item out and either toss it or donate it. Pay attention to what you wear and don’t wear, and as you lose interest in items, remove them from your closet.