The Past the Present and the Future

None of us could have predicted the events that shaped our lives over the last few years and how it has changed all of us in one way or another. We have all faced health issues at some point in our lives, but nothing compares to how COVID has affected our country and the world. Change is not something many of us are comfortable with, it is something that we tend to put off. Twenty years ago, a terrorist attack on our country forever changed the way we travel; some say that we were lax in security prior to the attack, especially at airports and shipping ports. I can still remember arriving at the airport 20 minutes prior to a flight and making it to the gate without issue. A far cry from air travel today as terminal time and security time are often hours longer than the actual flight! 

Having said all of this, I am fortunate to be living in a country that offers opportunity, freedom, and choice. There are so many places in the world today where these simple things are not possible. As we wind down another year, I tell myself often to be thankful and appreciate more of the simple things in life. Like an amazing sunset, a good walk, family, friends and sometimes a good long drive. Over the years, it seems there is more and more to be concerned with, just living is getting complicated. There are more rules, more mandates, more regulations and uncertainty that surround our lives. There are too many people today telling us what is best for us, what we should or should not do.

If this is the new normal, we are all in a “Heap of Trouble Here”, as Jed Clampett, once said. Looking back, I would say nothing ever happens without someone doing something. I am hoping 2022, is a slow, uneventful, boring year. That it goes by without much major news and far less politics, please! I just want to have a year without any drama. Avoiding major catastrophes, and definitely no major national mandates – I just Hate Mandates!