Over the last several years, our way of living has drastically changed and with it, our kitchen and bathroom trends. Kitchens once again became the heart of the home as we reprioritized the importance of gathering for meals with our loved ones. Bathrooms became our retreat – our quiet space to decompress away from the rest of the world.

Spending more time in these rooms has highlighted how important marrying beauty and function truly is for individuals, couples, and families. While kitchens started taking on more color and becoming more functional during this time, bathrooms simplified and streamlined.

So where are we now and what can you expect to see for kitchen and bath trends in 2023? Think unique designs, easy to care for surfaces, touchless technology, and a return to nature.

2023 KITCHENS: Functional & Personal

Kitchens in 2023 are all about thoughtful, practical design that is stunningly ‘you’. In the last year or two, kitchens have started showcasing more dynamic colors and utilizing progressively different materials. In 2023, we’re going to take a wider step towards designing spaces that reflect our individual tastes and needs while remaining sophisticated and elegant.

Linda, owner of Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings in Duxbury, MA gives us an overview by explaining, “While white painted cabinets are still king, we’re seeing more and more people gravitate towards more colorful cabinets, especially blues and greens. I expect this trend to increase in popularity in 2023. Granite countertops are out, and quartz, quartzite and marble is in; the more veining, the better! We’ll be seeing more rooms featuring open shelving mixed with closed shelving. This creates visual interest while keeping things neat and tidy.”

Natural Materials

With consumers becoming increasingly conscious of our world’s limited resources, the trend towards using reclaimed and recycled materials is exploding. The movement away from plastic in the kitchen is fierce and utilizing natural materials is a priority for many designers, homeowners, and manufacturers.

Copper kitchen wall lighting

Copper is leading the way in contemporary kitchens for its ability to add instant warmth to a room. The shift to wall lighting versus overhead lighting is a charming place to add in touches of this cozy metal. Intermingling natural wood shelves amongst metal appliances in the kitchen is a dynamic way to bring contrast and texture to the room.

Two-Toned Kitchens

White painted cabinets are the hallmark of a modern kitchen. With their timeless appeal they can be easily accessorized with any kind of metal or wood finishings.

While two-toned kitchens have been around for decades, this trend’s been gaining popularity in a major way. When the fad started, people would play it safe by mixing white and gray painted cabinets or adding a neutral-colored island into a sea of white painted cabinets.Two toned kitchen

In 2023, we’re going to see stained woods make their permanent mark on the two-toned world. Wood accents have been showing themselves in kitchen design recently and it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

“For a long time people were afraid to have oak and other stained woods in their kitchen and bath; painted cabinetry has dominated these spaces. Over the last few years though, we’ve been seeing stained wood accents pop up alongside the painted cabinets. Wood is solidifying its place as a stylish accent – and in 2023 we’re likely to see this trend continue,” says Marlene MacDonald Ketchen, Owner of The Cabinetry in Norwell, MA.

Two-toned wood trends

Photo Credit: Melissa Talarico

One cabinetry trend that will continue into 2023 is finished cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling. By eliminating the small space between the cabinet top and the ceiling, they reduce dust collection and utilize every inch of space for storage.

Also, say goodbye to kitchens being designed with all open or floating shelves next year. Instead, they will feature a mix of closed shelving and open shelving. The ability to hide clutter behind closed doors is key to creating a tidy and organized space.

Touchless Technology

The move towards touchless technology found its way into our home kitchens during the pandemic as much as it did into commercial spaces. Kitchen fittings are increasingly being created with sensors which are not only more sanitary but practical when contending with food mess. Interior designers consistently look to incorporate touchless tech anytime they can for their clients.


Terrazzo has taken the kitchen world by storm. Made from cement and natural stone fragments like dolomite, sand, and marble, it’s easy to care for and cheaper than natural stone. Featured on countertops and back walls, terrazzo along with quartz, quartzite and marble are 2023’s materials of choice.

Modern trendy kitchen with light blue faded coral color furniture. 3D rendering.

Of note, waterfall end panels on islands and base cabinets have increased in popularity and will continue to hold their own in this upcoming year. They add a luxurious, upgraded elegance to the kitchen that is undeniable.

Color & Walls

Green is stepping forward as the color of choice in the kitchen with blue following closely behind. Blue-green, teal, khaki, and olive green are all up and coming colors for 2023.

Green kitchen trends

Gray continues to be a strong contender in the kitchen, especially for those who love classic, timeless design. It’s easy to accessorize with pops of color and compliments almost any interior design style. 

Wallpapered accents are a retro trend that will meander into 2023 as well. Design-conscious consumers have created a need for kitchen-specific wallpaper that can withstand anything a greasy pan can spat at it. Flowers, tropical patterns, and nature-themed prints like foliage and twigs are all perfect for an accent wall. They bring a fresh vibe to your kitchen and a pop of visual interest to the space.

What’s OUT What’s IN
–       Anything made from plastic

–       Granite countertops

–       All white cabinetry

–       All open or floating shelving

–       Dark or sterile-feeling colors

–       Lamps & paintings on counters

–       Hanging pot racks

–       Natural, reclaimed materials

–       Quartz, quartzite and marble countertops

–       Green and blue cabinets

–       A mix of open and closed shelving

–       Warm stained wood accents

–       Touchless technology

–       Built in pantries

2023 BATHROOMS: A Return To Timeless Elegance

Many of the trends for 2023 in the kitchen are mimicked in the bathroom: A focus on natural materials, copper as the metal of choice, wallpaper accent walls and technical innovations. However, the colors and focus are very different.

 Luxury infrared faucet mixer on a white sink in a beautiful white and gray bathroom

Whereas blues and greens are conquering the kitchen, grays and whites are blissing out the bathroom. Ambience is paramount. Today’s modern bathroom trends include a look of elegance and clean lines that create a functional, calming retreat.


Marble is trending in the bathroom in a major way. Large format tiles can make any room look larger and give it instant depth and texture. Not to be outdone, granite tiles are making their way into bathrooms as well. Utilizing both marble and granite together creates a contrast-rich interplay between matte and high-gloss surfaces that is stunningly modern. And don’t forget about terrazzo. Its popularity in the kitchen crosses over to the bathroom too.

Mark Fougere, Owner of Coastal Tile in Duxbury, MA notes, “The current trends that we’re seeing for kitchen and baths are a very classic look. We see a lot of Calacatta marble, Carrara marble, white marble, white and gray porcelain that has marble style to it…Silver Shadow is a very popular grout color right now because it works so well with so many different tiles and stones.

A good predictor of trends in tile and stone is to look at what’s being installed in California and the Southwest right now. The trends and styles usually make their way to the East Coast a year or two after.Bathroom shower tile trends

Classic white subway tile is still very popular for showers and backsplashes. There are many different sizes, finishes and styles. Some have sharp edges and some other styles have rough, uneven edges for a more natural look.”


Sliding wardrobeThe trend of open shelving is no more. Now, it’s all about hiding the clutter to create a visually neutral space. Ergonomics and functionality are at the forefront of interior designer’s minds and include elongated wardrobes with no handles, built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, and built-in cabinets with smooth fronts and mirrored facades. Any open shelving should only feature decorative elements and ideally be made of a natural/reclaimed material.


Minimalistic white and gray are commanding the trend as 2023’s favorite color combination.

Additionally, look for neutral walls of cream and sand balanced with bronze/copper fittings and green accessories. These tones add a sense of coastal freshness and an air of elegance to the space.

Wallpaper or tile may be utilized to add graphic interest. Geometric or nature-inspired waves, spirals, and circles are all trending for 2023. Just remember: they should always be used sparingly.

Showers & Sinks

For those who have the square footage, enclosing the bathtub into the same area as the shower is on trend. In smaller rooms without a bathtub, style reigns supreme for the stand-alone shower space. Crafting the floor and walls of natural stone, terrazzo, or anthracite brings spa-like elements and visual interest to what could otherwise be an uninspiring cubicle.

Stand alone sink trends

Freestanding sinks made of natural stone or ceramic can be a beautiful focal point and are making a major comeback as a 2023 design trend.


What’s OUT What’s IN
–       Plastic accessories and hooks

–       Bright colors

–       Open storage areas and shelves

–       Flashy, bright accents

–       Large ceiling lights

–       Natural, reclaimed materials

–       Soothing colors, especially white & gray

–       Ergonomic, closed storage

–       Matte black or copper accents

–       Minimalistic lamps on the walls

When designing or redesigning a kitchen and/or bathroom in 2023, what you need to consider most is that the rooms complement your lifestyle and design aesthetic. While there will always be design trends, there are no real “rules” to designing your kitchen and bath. The only requirement is that you absolutely love and want to be in them when they’re finished.