In late 2020, the Yotts family decided it was time to sell their Hingham family home.

“We spent 16 wonderful years in Hingham raising our three daughters, but during the COVID pandemic, we decided it was time for a change.”

A move closer to the ocean was on their minds. With their home already sold in a private sale, the family needed a transitional rental while they found their next home. Meeting Darryl Wehmeyer, President, and Principal Designer at Copia Real Estate Design & Build, at a Copia-owned property available for rent was a lucky twist of fate.

When Claire Yotts first stepped into that Copia-designed and renovated home, she knew she wanted the same team to design and remodel her next home.

“We were awestruck with the layout. We were so impressed with the design, product choices, and craftsmanship that we knew this was a quality company”, says Claire. “We hit it off with Darryl the first day we met.”

Copia Better By Design Interior Living Space

Under the leadership of local entrepreneur Darryl Wehmeyer, Copia has quickly become a familiar name in the real estate community on the South Shore. Having experienced the typical stress associated with purchasing real estate, Darryl knew he wanted his clients’ experience to be different.

Copia Real Estate Design & Build is structured around the idea that home buying, building, and renovating should be simple, transparent, and as stress-free as possible.

“We chose to work with Copia because Darryl is honest, really listens, and responded to our ideas during the design process realistically and directly,” says Claire.

Working with a design-build company with extensive real estate knowledge was an advantage in finding the ideal property to renovate.

“Darryl would meet us at various properties we were considering. He helped us with each property’s pros and cons and provided valuable feedback on renovations and their associated costs.”

Keeping that feedback in mind, Claire and Joe decided on a unique property in Marshfield, MA, with sweeping views of Duxbury Bay, the marsh, and Powder Point Bridge.

View of Duxbury Bay, the marsh, and Powder Point Bridge.

The contemporary home was built in 1979 and featured additions added throughout the years– it also required some creative problem-solving to bring to life the Yotts’ dream of an open concept, modern coastal design.

The plan for renovations to the home included the kitchen, a dry bar with a pantry, built-ins for the living room, four bathrooms, a stone fireplace, updating the staircase, and updated flooring throughout the home. The desire to have an open concept kitchen and living area required removing a load-bearing wall. Balancing the client’s wants with building requirements is a challenge familiar to Darryl, and often involves small details.

“Claire loved the pocket door entryway to the dining room off the foyer and wanted to install a pocket door for the home office area located off the kitchen. The trouble was there was not enough distance between the entryways to accommodate two pocket door entryways internally, Darryl says. “To make it work, we built a second wall within the wall so the doors would not collide internally, allowing both doors to open and close smoothly.”



When asked what their favorite part of the newly renovated home was, Claire responded, “We have a few favorite parts of the project, but the first on the list would have to be the kitchen. The cabinets, the hardware, and quartz countertops all came together beautifully!”

With a 10-foot island and plenty of space, the kitchen has become a gathering place for family and friends. Removing an interior wall opened the kitchen to the entryway, improved the first floor’s flow, and put the steel cable and maple split staircase on full display.

“The staircase is a showstopper, everyone who comes in comments how gorgeous it is,” says Claire. “Everything we envisioned came to life within five months of the Copia team demoing to the studs.”

With the gorgeous views and clean, modern interior, it is easy to believe this family will enjoy this tranquil home for years to come.

Copia Staircase Copia open concept kitchenCopia Kitchen