Your home is filled with warm memories and wears your signature. Sometimes changes happen, and it is time to sell. It can be easy to not see the changes that need to be made because you have been living in the home and enjoying it. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same taste. Rather than redo your entire home to try to please potential buyers, focus on the selling points of a home. The kitchen and the master bedroom are the two most important rooms to focus on when selling your house. Consider updating and creating a neutral palette in these rooms.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the gathering place where friends visit and where kids head as soon as they get home. We find comfort in the room that creates delicious foods and fond memories. Your potential buyers feel the same way.

If you are going to update one thing, make it the kitchen. Improving countertops, flooring, and appliances can make a tremendous difference. If the cabinetry is worn and outdated, it is worth it to paint or replace them. You will most likely get the cost back when it sells.

Kitchens can sometimes become a catch-all for the family. Baskets filled with keys and phones on the counter, or a corner where the mail collects might seem neat and tidy to you but look cluttered to someone else. During showings, people walking through need to imagine themselves living in the home. Decluttering, updating, and removing things that personalize the kitchen will help potential buyers to envision their own space.

Trends come and go with kitchens and are pretty important when selling. Pay attention to the latest trends while also keeping a classic look to remain somewhat neutral.

The Master Bath

Yes, that bathroom tucked away within the master bedroom can make or break a sale. We love our shiny modern master baths, and so do buyers.

Just like the kitchen, updating this area of the home is worth it when selling. It may need an entire renovation or maybe just a new vanity and counter. Cracked porcelain or granite sinks look old and on their last leg. Worn-out oak vanities with faded spots could use a pretty coat of paint or replacement altogether.

Pay attention to lighting too. The master bath should be well-lit for getting ready in the morning, and the light fixtures should be clean and shiny. Light fixtures are an easy change if they have seen better days.

Sometimes all it takes is the right staging to improve the look of your master bath or any area.

The Goal Is Clean and Neutral

As you prepare to show your home, remember to keep it clean, depersonalized, and give it a neutral palette.

Remember the most important rooms to focus on when selling your house. If you know you need some updates, just do what you can. You may be surprised what a deep cleaning and decluttering over a weekend can do!