Inkshares is a publisher that chooses books to publish based on how appealing the story is to potential readers and to the Inkshares community. Currently, Inkshares is running a contest and the winners will be published and represented for TV and film. One of the contestants, Tears of Venus, is a young adult fantasy/romance that reimagines Roman Mythology. If you’re looking for an escape amidst the current pandemic, this may be the book for you.

For 17-year-old Samantha, the most important day of her life was the day she died. Following a tragic surfing accident, Samantha dies and rises again as a Guardian, a powerful genie who is charged with protecting the four elements and mankind. She is thrown into a centuries-long war with the Bottle Dwellers, an evil sect of genies who seek to destroy mankind and were cursed by the goddess Venus to reside in bottles.Samantha is coached by her genie grandfather, Francis, who struggles with the members of his family who sympathize with the Bottle Dweller cause, and Erik, a young Guardian who wants revenge against the Bottle Dwellers for killing his family. As Samantha begins to adapt to her new life, it becomes clear that her human weakness may be the key to stopping the Bottle Dwellers once and for all.

If this sounds like your type of book, you can read the first four chapters for free on Inkshares. If you like what you read, you can help the book be chosen for publication by:

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