Gift Ideas for Him

Fitness: The BRRRN Board | $350

Brrrn Board

The Brrrn Slide Board is the home gym that fits under your couch. Brrrn tones your core, glutes and inner/outer thighs. It improves balance, mobility, and bodily awareness while reducing the risk of injuries and muscular imbalances in your knees, hip, core and back. Brrrn offers a fun, low-impact cardio solution for all ages and fitness levels providing a 30-minute workout that burns up to 500 calories. Brrrn was used by 23,000+ people at their Manhattan based studio from 2018-2020 and is trusted and beloved by professional and Olympic athletes. The board adjusts easily from 6ft to 5ft and is designed to be used on all surfaces (i.e. hardwood floors, carpet, outdoor decks). A one-year on-demand subscription to hundreds of workouts and more!


Party: GoSun Chillest | from $80

From tailgating to back to school parties, beat the heat without racking up your electricity bill with GoSun!

Go SunGoSun is a solar appliance company that’s bringing the latest in clean solar energy solutions to your day-to-day. Their Chillest ice chest is the ultimate portable fridge designed to keep your food and drinks ice cold for all your events without needing any drippy bags of ice. This cooler keeps food and drinks cold or frozen, dry, and organized. Charge the battery during the day with the sun to keep food cool without ice.

Features include a padded pull out handle, integrated bottle opener, gear tie down points, and a gear pocket.


Entertainment: Vava Chroma 4K Laser TV | $3,500

Entertainment: Vava media

From sitcoms on the couch to films under the stars, discover a new way to enjoy your screen time with the new Chroma Triple Laser Projector from VAVA. This cutting-edge technology lets you bring the big screen home along with all the bells and whistles like Dolby-powered audio and MEMC motion smoothing technology. VAVA Chroma highlights include an 80”-150” display, 4K UHD Resolution with 8.3 million pixels, cinema-level sound provided by Harman Kardon speakers, Alexa and compatibility across laptops, phones, storage drives, and bluetooth. 


Gift Ideas for Her

Lighting: Snap Power Automatic LED Lights | from $24

Snap Power

SnapPower leads the industry in easy-install night lighting for homes, offices, hotels, and hospitals. Their products are so easy to install, simply snap onto your existing outlets! The SnapPower unique patented prong technology allows you to install in just seconds with no batteries, re-wiring, or prior electrical experience. The light’s power comes from the sides of the outlet and the energy efficient LEDs last up to 25 years. Choose from their GuideLights, SwitchLights, MotionLights and Safe Lights.



Pets: Furbo | $70


Use this nifty gadget from Frubo to keep an eye on your furry friend 24/7 with Smart Alerts. The Furbo is an app-controlled rotation ensures users get a 360° view, no more blind spots. Features include Auto Dog Tracking as the unit rotates to follow your pup. And Color Night Vision gives you the details in the dark and color images in low light. The best feature is when Furbo does fun treat tossing with the swipe of your finger.

Sleep: Eli and Elm Cooling Pillow | from $96

West Elm Pillow

Get ready for a great night’s sleep with Eli and Elm’s Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow. Breathable fabric, cooling fill, and a unique U-shape design combine to give you your most supported and temperature regulated night’s sleep. This pillow has an optional specific design for side sleepers. The pillow conforms to the head and neck for proper support and alignment. Also removable latex and polyester filling lets you pick the perfect height. Finally the latex noodle fill supports optimal airflow for a cooler pillow while the smooth cotton cover is designed to dissipate heat.