We have officially hit the month of July and are in the heat of the summer! While there are many gorgeous summer days in New England, there are also plenty of scorchers, and on the days where the sun is blazing and the humidity is high, it is important that you keep yourself as comfortable as possible, especially if you are out and about. You can dress yourself during the summer months to be both comfortable and stylish, and we are here to show you how!

Check out some of our tips on dressing for the summer heat this year.

How to Style Yourself for the Heat

1 – Choose fabrics that are lighter colored.

First, choose fabrics that are lighter colors for both your tops and your bottoms. Any dark or bold colors will automatically attract the sun and heat you up quickly! Stick with clothing that are light and airy such as white, tan, or blush, to avoid attracting the sun when it is already hot out. Not to mention, with a neutral closet, you can easily mix and match your clothing items and accessories so that you are able to get your full use out of the pieces.

2 – Avoid polyester clothing.

When it is super-hot outside, you want to avoid clothing that will be clinging to your skin, such as polyester. While polyester clothes might look nice and stylish, they will be extremely uncomfortable during the summer heat. Not only is polyester not breathable at all in the heat, but it can also cause you to sweat more and ultimately lead to sweat stains! If you are not sure what kind of fabric your clothing is, check the tag before putting it on and wearing it out into the heat.

3 – Wear short sleeves, tank tops, shorts, or skirts.

You want to stay as airy as possible during the hot summer days, so opt for the short sleeves, tank tops, shorts, or skirts that are in your closet. These styles of tops and bottoms will help to let your skin breathe in the midst of the humidity and will not accentuate any sweat marks that you might have from being outside. Airy, flowy dresses are also a great option that will not only keep you cool but will also be extremely cute in the heat!

4 – Stay away from super tight clothes.

On the same note, avoid wearing clothes that are extremely tight, as they will become constraining and will show all your sweat marks. On especially humid days, wearing tight clothes will be uncomfortable and prevent you from getting any air circulation.

5 – Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Sunglasses are always a cute accessory for the summer, and on top of that, they are great for protecting your eyes against the hot summer sun. Sunglasses can also be paired with a stylish hat that is brimmed and will dress up your outfit while also protecting you from the heat.

6 – Make sure your shoes are breathable.

For shoes, always keep to the more comfortable options that are also breathable. Many people will experience swollen feet when getting too hot and sweaty during the summer, so you want to wear shoes that will not constrain your feet. Look for shoes that are made of canvas or cotton and avoid any of your leather shoes that you may reach for during the cooler months. Some great options include sandals, flip flops, or canvas shoes that can be paired with any outfit for a cute and casual look.

7 – Keep your hair up.

If you have the option to wear your hair up – do it! This will prevent your hair from getting too sweaty and will keep your neck cooler and more comfortable. There are tons of chic and cute braids, buns, and pony tail options that you can try out during the summer months.