The single most well-known fact about Rhode Island is that it is the smallest state in the Nation. If it is true that big things come in small packages, then the state of Rhode Island fits this idiom perfectly. Native tribes occupied Rhode Island thousands of years before the English settlers reached these shores in 1620 because of the rich natural resources and temperate Northeast climate. Many of the waterways, towns, and islands are named for native tribes from the region. Rhode Island is a place steeped in character where you are embraced by history and the culture only found here in New England. If you are from here you get it, and those that are not, can’t seem to get enough of it!


Many out-of-state college students are drawn yearly to Rhode Island to attend some of the most esteemed institutions in the U.S., and the decision to leave the area after graduation can be a challenging one. Rhode Island offers residents access to one of the country’s most eclectic small cities, Providence, the capital city. Because of its size, living in Rhode Island means you’re close to everything the state has to offer, including ocean beaches, recreation, and top tourist attractions like Newport, Narragansett, and South County. It’s also just a short ride to Boston, New York, Cape Cod, and some of the most popular Island spots on the Eastern Seaboard. Great public transportation, airports, rail, and ferry connections make it relatively simple to go anywhere from here.


Here, the living choices are as diverse as almost anywhere. Down City living in Providence means you’re close to everything: culture, events, education, medical facilities, and some of the best dining on the planet. Just north of Providence, Blackstone Valley communities have the best of both worlds, country living and city access. The West Bay offers convenient access to city life, country life, and the beaches are just a short ride south. In South County, it’s like living on vacation year-round, and again, being close to everything. In the East Bay, Barrington, Warren, and Bristol are historic gems, and living on Aquidneck Island in Newport is very special indeed. Across Narragansett Bay and away from it all are the two seaside towns of Tiverton and Little Compton along the Secret Coast of Rhode Island. The Ocean is everywhere, the bounty from the sea is amazing, the communities are spectacular, and life here is seasonally perfect!