When it comes to the battle of staying fit, Father Time remains a constant opponent. As we get older, it can become more difficult to stay physically fit. The more time we remain inactive, the harder that it can be to get back into the swing of regularly working out. But just like any physical activity, you need to take care when you do this, or you run the risk of injuring yourself or even possibly others. Here are some easy-to-follow tips for older adults starting a workout routine.

Making a Plan

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when starting anything new, especially when it comes to something as complicated and nuanced as physical fitness. While it may be easy for young adults to just begin and learn fitness basics on the fly, this becomes more difficult with age. Before beginning, it’s best to establish what goals you want to accomplish with this new routine. You should also speak to your doctor to see what types of physical activity they recommend. Other resources are often available through local gyms, including personal trainers.

Proper Preparation

Both pre- and post-workout routines are critical for injury prevention. It is common knowledge that taking time to properly stretch and elevate your heart rate before you work out can help to ensure an injury-free workout. What is less common is post-workout stretches. These will help ease muscles back into their normal state and reduce your heart rate in a safe manner. Failure to follow proper stretching either before or after a workout can lead to serious injury, so it’s best to follow all safety precautions. Another way to prepare is through proper workout attire. Ensuring that you have the proper footwear and apparel can save you a lot of soreness later. Finally, make sure that your workout routine is actually effective. Keeping in mind that the time of day and number of days each week you spend on your fitness journey can make it much more enjoyable, meaning you will be more likely to follow it.

Make it Fun

The most important part of any workout plan is following through. One way to ensure this is to make the workout fun. Don’t like being in a gym? Ride a bike! Not a fan of treadmills? Go for a run in a nature preserve! Physical limitations prevent a traditional workout? There are plenty of exercises that cater to just about any physical limitation. Another method of making it fun is to include friends and family. Having a workout buddy can make all the difference between going to the gym or going to the couch. You can also try to make a game of it. Something as simple as seeing if you can beat your personal best for number of curls or setting a top time for your mile can do wonders to improve your morale, as well as giving you goals to aim for.

No matter what your fitness goals are, there are plenty of ways to create a fitness routine that can work for you. Follow these tips for older adults starting a workout routine, and you will be enjoying your new, fun workout routine in no time.