Many people do not realize the small daily things that you can do to your hair and skin to keep it healthy and looking more alive than ever. Using products with more natural ingredients can ultimately create less work for you over time. Here are a few simple tips to keep your hair and skin happy, especially while the outside temperatures are low.  

Skin. Moisturize twice a day. Especially in the winter months when your skin dries out more easily. When moisturizing your face, the most appropriate time is 3 minutes after you get out of the shower. Selecting a moisturizer that is best for your skin type and the time of year is vital to how your skin will appear. Mario Badescu Skin Care allows you to select products based on your skin with simple and gentle ingredients. A morning moisturizer with an SPF will help block your skin from any sun exposure throughout the day. 

Along with using the proper moisturizer, avoid taking long hot showers that dry out your skin, especially during the cold season. Avoiding sugar can also have a surprising effect on your skin’s appearance. Refined sugar and processed foods have a large impact on acne and inflammation. Avoiding sugar altogether not only prevents cavities, but clears up your skin, making it less oily too. Instead, replace your sugar fix with lemon water or fresh fruits.

Hair. There are many misconceptions around washing your hair, but believe it or not, you should not clean your hair everyday. This will help to preserve the natural oils on your scalp, keeping your hair moisturized and ultimately less greasy in the long run!  It is also important to use a sulfate and paraben free shampoo when you do wash your hair. Sulfates remove the natural moisture from your hair and can dry it out more easily. A product such as Love Beauty and Planet has a variety of hair products without parabens and sulfate for every hair type.

Spraying a heat protectant before using heat on your hair can make or break your hair health. Once I started using a heat protectant before straightening my hair, it made my naturally curly hair much more healthy and less ‘dead’ looking. Whether you are using a blow dryer, straightener or a curling iron, a heat protectant such as the CHI 44 IRON GUARD THERMAL PROTECTION SPRAY, ($15) can do wonders to your natural hair’s appearance.