When we heard about the things Coach was doing to their unsellable items, it shocked us. We couldn’t believe a company would damage their products, even if they didn’t sell. Unfortunately, destroying products isn’t uncommon. Although the company apologized and promised to do better in the future, we can learn from this mistake by going through our closets and donating unused or old clothing. So here’s a quick guide to the warning signs it’s time to get rid of your clothes.

There Are Holes, Stains, or an Odor

If your clothing is damaged, you can recycle the material despite the item no longer being wearable. For instance, if you run out of rags, you can cut up your smelly shirt and use it for cleaning dishes or wiping down surfaces.

Additionally, if your items have a high price tag, consider taking them to a cleaning and tailoring service that can fix up the things and make them anew again. However, there’s a chance the professionals might tell you that the item’s not worth saving. In this instance, consider recycling the apparel so others can repurpose it.

There’s No Sentimental Value

Remember five years ago when others were taking notes from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo? After reading, many took the advice and steps to heart and followed those practical steps to help us determine better strategies to break hoarding tendencies and slim out our closets. That book still has relevance today. When sorting through our closets, let’s take a moment and hold every item we have up to ourselves to help determine if we want to keep the thing.

It’s No Longer Trendy

We get it; high-end brands can have their moments in the spotlight but can fizzle fast if they don’t keep up with the latest trends. However, despite the many years it’s been since Gucci released their spring line in 1988, you need to part with your items. Even if you aren’t sure when the style will come back, it’s better to donate or recycle items to help breathe new life into more contemporary styles.

It Makes You Uncomfortable

Clothes aren’t supposed to make us feel insecure. No matter an item’s price tag, it should build confidence and give notice to our style. However, being confident doesn’t mean you have to wear the popular material type right now.

For example, turtlenecks are on-trend, but for most, the type of turtleneck purchased can make or break their decision. Unfortunately, turtlenecks often make wearers feel like they’re choked or claustrophobic. If this is you, then return the turtleneck or donate it to a charity.

The warning signs it’s time to get rid of your clothes help you spot what to know before you discard or donate. Then, right before donating, go through your closet and determine the clothes you don’t want. In the end, you’ll have a wardrobe that represents your style and comfort level.