The amount of time that is spent on cleaning can add up to be a lot. These days more and more people are spending extra time at home. In turn, that will require more necessary cleaning. Keeping a household clean and tidy is just as important as the products that will be put to use. A product that saves time, is efficient, and has less harsh chemicals is a great all in one solution to this. Lifeproof Home can put a checkmark next to all those cleaning needs.

About Lifeproof Home

Lifeproof Home is a new company that brings innovation to cleaning products. Lifeproof Home Ceramic Coating has many key benefits. In fact, Lifeproof Home uses True SiO2 ceramic technology and is very easy to apply. Most importantly, it saves time and effort because of how efficient these Ceramic products are.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Ceramic coatings protect your kitchen counters, bathroom counters, and other surfaces in the home. In fact, it can protect and shine on stone, stainless steel, glass, tile, porcelain, and laminate. It serves as a protection against tough stains, grime, and light scratches. The ceramic coating is an invisible coating that has an ultra-hydrophobic, super slick, anti- stick, shiny, anti- fingerprint, stain- resistance surface.

This ceramic coating product has many uses. For kitchen and bath countertops, the coating enriches the natural stone color. For kitchen stainless steel, the product reduces fingerprints. As for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and kitchen appliances it helps reduce water spotting and beads water to drain. To top it off, for the bath shower glass it prevents staining, build up, and spotting. Not to mention, there is great longevity that lasts from six to twelve months.

How To Use

Lifeproof is super easy to use. In fact, there is only four steps. Step one, prep the surface. You can clean the surface with any all-purpose cleaner or even the LifeProof Home Primer. Step two, spray, and wipe in. Just mist the surface with the Life Proof Home Ceramic Coating or spray it onto a microfiber towel and wipe in a circular motion. Step three, wipe off the ceramic residue. It will leave a slick feel. Finally, for step number four let the coating sit for one hour for a dry surface and four hours for a wet surface. To add, Lifeproof even has tips on preparation, aftercare, removing, restoring, and unlocking so you can get the best use out of their products

Home ceramic coating has endless uses to get a cleaner home. It offers a solution for individuals and families to save time and effort with house cleaning. It is easy to apply, has endless uses, and not to mention you can get a 15% using the code COASTAL. Give it a try and make your cleaning easier!