What does your closet look like these days? Now that we are in the month of March, we are still experiencing the winter weather while looking forward to Spring right around the corner. As we are counting down the days to the warm sunshine, the weather may throw us for a loop with some days colder than others, and some days warmer than we would expect.

During this transition time, it can be difficult to assess what is best to keep in your closet and what you should store away. The truth is, transitioning from winter to spring does not totally require you to revamp your wardrobe in the way that you might expect. There are some stress-free ways that you can slowly prepare your closet for the spring months.

Check out some tips on how you can transition your closet from winter to spring. 

How to Transition Your Closet from Winter to Spring

Organize what you will not wear for storage. 

First, go through your closet and pull out items that you know will for sure not work transitioning into spring weather. This can include any items such as thick sweaters, holiday-themed clothing, fleeces, coats, and other winter accessories that you know you will no longer need.

During this time, it is also smart to go through items in your closet that you think you might not be drawn to the next winter season, and either opt to sell, donate, or toss the items. While you are putting away your winter clothing and accessories for the season, you can also declutter simultaneously! 

Keep a few winter pieces that you can continue to wear.

A lot of pieces that you regularly wear during the winter can be used as you transition into the spring season! Some items that can be worn include any cardigans that you have, some of your lighter winter coat options, or even a leather coat if you have one that can easily be paired with a dress or jumpsuit!

The spring weather tends to be a little chillier in the beginning, so having easy access to some of your coats or layers in your closet will be convenient for you. 

Prioritize light layers. 

Layering is going to become your best friend during the transition from winter to spring. You must make sure that you have some layers in your closet that you can easily mix and match with some of your favorite spring clothing pieces. Some light layers can include sweaters, knits that are not too chunky and can be worn underneath a jacket, as well as a cardigan or blazer.

When it comes to layering, they should be easy to take on and off if you find that you are warmer throughout the day or that you are getting colder. New Englanders should always be prepared for cold mornings and warmer afternoons during the transition from winter to spring! 

Organized closet for spring

Choose lighter, pastel hues. 

The spring season is known for gorgeous pastel hues, so try and incorporate these lighter colors into your wardrobe as you are transitioning! The transition from winter to spring is the perfect time to swap out some of your darker pieces of clothing, such as burgundy or emerald items, for some light blues, pinks, yellows, and oranges! And, if you have any floral pieces, the spring season is the perfect time to use them! 

Wear booties and boots with dresses.

The beginning of spring can be a little too chilly to wear some of your favorite sandals and heels that you would during the summer months. Don’t be afraid to wear your booties and boots with jeans, a jumpsuit, or a dress during the transition from winter to spring. Wearing booties or boots is a great way to dress up any outfit!